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What is Ology? Ology is a suffix referring to the "study of" something. Ology is a science,a discipline, a field of study,a subject of study, a branch of knowledge.This blog provides list of A - Z English words ending with the suffix -ology and their field of study.

Ology Words E

Ology Suffix Words starting with E

Ecclesiology  the study of Church architecture and decoration or separately
the study of the Christian Church
 the study of interactions between organisms and geomorphological
Ecohydrology  the study of interactions among organisms and the water cycle
Ecology  the science of the relationships between organisms and their environments.Also called bionomics.
Eccrinology study of excretion
Economic geology  is concerned with earth materials that can be utilized for economic and or industrial purposes.
Ecophysiology  the study of the interrelationship between an organism's physical
functioning and its environment
Edaphology   the science that deals with the influence of soil and other media
on the growth of plants
Egyptology  the study of the ancient Egyptians
Electrology the study of electricity
Electrophysiology  the study of the relationship between electric phenomena
and bodily processes
Embryology  the study of embryos
Emetology the study of the causes of emesis(i.e. vomiting)
Emmenology the the study of menstruation
Endemiology study of local diseases
Endocrinology study of glands
Enigmatology study of enigmas
Endocrinology  the study of internal secretory glands
Enigmatology  the study of puzzles
 (or Oenology)
 the study of wine and winemaking
Entomology  the study of insects
Entozoology study of parasites that live inside larger organisms
Enzymology  the study of enzymes
Epidemiology  the study of the origin and spread of diseases
Epileptology the study of epilepsy
Epistemology  the study of the nature and origins of knowledge
Eremology  the study of deserts
Ergology  the study of effects of work on humans
Escapology  the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps
Eschatology  a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history
of the world or of mankind
Ethnology  the study of race
Ethnomethodology  the study of everyday communication
Ethnomusicology  the study of music in society, usually non-western music
Ethology  the scientific and objective study of animal behaviour
Etiology the science of causes; especially of disease
Etymology  the study of origins of words
Eulogy  the speech of praise
Evolutionary biology  the study of the process of biological evolution
 the study of the process of (usually) human psychological evolution.
Exobiology  the study of life in outer space
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