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What is Ology? Ology is a suffix referring to the "study of" something. Ology is a science,a discipline, a field of study,a subject of study, a branch of knowledge.This blog provides list of A - Z English words ending with the suffix -ology and their field of study.

Ology Words N

Ology Suffix Words Starting with N


Nanotechnology  is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale
 Nasology  the scientific study of the nose
Nanotribology  the study of friction phenomenon at the nanometer scale 
Nematology  the study of nematodes
Narratology the study of narrative structure
Neonatology  the study of diseases and the care of newborn infants
 Neossology the study of young birds
Nephology  the study of clouds
Nephrology  the study of the kidneys and their diseases
Neurology  the study of the nervous system
Neurobiology  the study of cells of the nervous system
Neuropathology  the study of neural diseases
Neurophysiology  the study of the functions of the nervous system
Neuropsychology the study of the structure and function of the brain and their relation
to specific psychological processes and behaviors
Neuropharmacology  the study of how drugs affect cellular function in the nervous system
Neuroendocrinology the study of the extensive interactions between the nervous system and the endocrine system
Neurypnology the study of mesmerism or hypnotism
Nidology the study of birds' nests
Nomology the study of laws
Noology the study of images of thought, their emergence, their genealogy,
and their creation
Nosology  a branch of medical science that deals with classification of diseases
Nostology   the study of senility or the mental problems of aging
Numerology  the study of numbers 
Nutriology  the study of nutrition
Numismatology the science which treats of coins and medals in their relation
 to history; numismatics
Nymphology the scientific study of nymphs