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What is Ology? Ology is a suffix referring to the "study of" something. Ology is a science,a discipline, a field of study,a subject of study, a branch of knowledge.This blog provides list of A - Z English words ending with the suffix -ology and their field of study.

Ology Words Z

  1. Zooarcheology/Zooarchaeology,the study of animal remains at archaeological sites
  2. Zoology, the study of animals
  3. Zoophytology,the branch of zoology concerned with the zoophytes
  4. Zoopathology, the study of animal diseases
  5. Zymology, the study of fermentation
  6. Zoogeology,the study of fossil animal remains
  7. Zoonosology, the study and classification of the various diseases of animals
  8. Zoophysiology,the study of physiology of animals
  9. Zumology is a treatise on the fermentation of liquors
  10. Zoopsychology,a branch of psychology that studies animal behavior
  11.  Zygology, science of joining and fastening