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What is Ology? Ology is a suffix referring to the "study of" something. Ology is a science,a discipline, a field of study,a subject of study, a branch of knowledge.This blog provides list of A - Z English words ending with the suffix -ology and their field of study.

Ology Words L

Ology Suffix Words Starting with L


Laryngology  the study of the larynx or voice box; a branch of medicine
Lepidopterology  the study of butterflies and moths
Leprology the study of leprosy
Lexicology   the study of lexis or stock of words in a language
Limnology  the study of fresh water environments,particularly lakes
Lichenology the study of lichens
Limacology the study of slugs
Limnobiology the study of freshwater ecosystems
Lithology  the study of rocks
Ludology  the study of video games
Lymphology  the study of the lymph system and glands