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What is Ology? Ology is a suffix referring to the "study of" something. Ology is a science,a discipline, a field of study,a subject of study, a branch of knowledge.This blog provides list of A - Z English words ending with the suffix -ology and their field of study.

Ology Words A

Ology Suffix Words Starting with A

Archaeology,ology words

Abiology  the study of inanimate things
Acarology  the study of ticks and mites
Actinobiology  the study of the effects of radiation upon living organisms
Actinology  the study of the effect of light on chemicals
Acuology the study of the use of needles for therapeutic purposes as in acupuncture.
Aerobiology a branch of biology that studies organic particles such as bacteria,
fungal spores, very small insects and pollen,
 which are passively transported by the air
Aerology  the study of the atmosphere
Aetiology  the medical study of the causation of disease
Agnoiology  the study human ignorance
Agrobiology  the study of plant nutrition and growth in relation to soil conditions
Agrology  the study of soils
Agrostology  the study of grasses
Algology  the study of algae
Allergology  the study of the causes and treatment of allergies
Andrology  the study of male health and disease
Anesthesiology  the study of anesthesia and anesthetics
Angelology  the study of angels
Angiology  the study of blood and lymph vessels
Anthropology  the study of humans,past and present
 the scientific study of honey bees 
Apicology  is honey bee ecology
Arachnology  the study of spiders and their kind
Archaeology  the study of past cultures through the analysis of material remains
Archaeozoology  the study of relationships between humans and animals
over time through examination of animal remains at archaeological sites 
Areology  the study of Mars
Assyriology  the study of the Assyrians
Astacology  the study of crayfish
Asteroseismology  the study of the internal structures of stars as revealed by their oscillations 
Astrobiology  the study of origin of life
Astrogeology  the study of geology of celestial bodies (e.g., planets, asteroids, comets)
Astrology the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies
interpreted as having an influence on human affairs
Astrometeorology  using astrology to forecast the weather
Atmology  the study of the laws and phenomena of aqueous vapors
Audiology  the study of hearing
Autecology  the study of the ecology of any individual species
Autology  the scientific study of oneself
Auxology  the study of human growth
Axiology  the study of the nature of values and value judgements